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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Contractors?


Wondering whether social media for contractors is a viable marketing tactic? Many contractors report that it’s working wonders for them. Of course, it may take a while to learn the best approaches. Most contractors benefit from education on the subject, or from monthly help to ensure an ongoing online presence. Whichever approach you take, it starts with the basics. Social media is a powerful tool, one that can do some of the heavy lifting in your business… if you learn to do it right.

Social Media Platforms for Contractors

A social media presence brings many perks to the table. Contractors, like every other small or medium-sized business, can put these to work with just a little effort and front loading. Before you can embark on this journey, however, you must understand what the best platforms are.

These days, the internet is awash in social options. While newer platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope have gained a dedicated following, a safe bet is to start with the basics. These include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here’s a brief rundown of the benefits of each:

  • Facebook: Visitors can view your contact information, engage with your posts and articles, ask you questions, interact with your customers and invite you to join in on their lives and feeds as well. Facebook marries extremely well with blogging, which you should also be doing. Plus, if you decide to run ads, you may find much higher returns on your advertising dollars by using Facebook instead of other venues.
  • Twitter: This is the go-to place for industry conversation. It’s also the best place to form strong, ongoing relationships with top clients, referral partners and experts in the field.
  • LinkedIn: There is no better online platform for establishing professional credibility, period. LinkedIn offers individual pages to make your team members stand out. You can also create business pages to highlight your company as a whole. Many people don’t know it employs one of the biggest and most complex search engines in the world. Therefore, if you’re looking for new hires or cultivating business relationships, it’s the place to look.

A regular presence is easy to establish and maintain on these three platforms. You do need to put in a little work upfront to create bios and introductory content. After that, you can use simple automation tools or expert help to keep them up and running.

Once you’re well-established online and feel comfortable with your social media plan, you can expand to Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest. While these may seem frivolous to the newcomer, they absolutely are not, and here’s why:

  • Houzz: A social network dedicated to creative construction, architecture, landscaping, exterior and interior design, Houzz’s membership includes millions of homeowners and construction professionals. Showcase your projects, use location-based info to connect with homeowners, and position yourself as an expert by answering questions from homeowners in the forum.
  • Instagram: This is the perfect place to showcase the beauty and reliability of your construction projects. You can post photos of your completed projects or interesting blueprints. Concept images are welcome, too. It’s a good place to curate content or post photographs (with credit) of other contractors you admire.
  • Pinterest: This platform is a go-to place for home and office inspiration. Like LinkedIn, Pinterest also runs one of the largest search engines on the Internet. It is the perfect way to help enthusiastic searchers discover your website.

Expanding Your Social Media Audience Impact

After getting your main feeds up and running, it’s time to expand your reach and deepen your audience impact. Contractors can use social media to many ends, including:

  • Getting prospects interested in their work
  • Generating leads and driving people to get quotes
  • Giving satisfied customers a highly visible place to put reviews
  • Providing an outlet for questions, comments and concerns
  • Expanding the number of searchable pages related to your business, which is crucial for Google rankings
  • Keeping prospects and customers engaged with your business

Excellent visual imagery is one of the best ways to deepen your connection with members of your audience. This is especially true in construction, where your visual appeal translates to perceived worth.

Whether you build houses, office buildings or bridges doesn’t matter. People simply like to see nice photos. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to use as portfolios. This gives the right people something to scroll through, save to their feeds and think on for later.

You can also expand your impact by becoming involved in the profiles others set up. That might mean tweeting at them or posting questions or comments on their Facebook page. It could also entail joining a LinkedIn or Facebook group. Providing that figurative “hand up” in these settings can get you noticed by customers or industry leaders. Both represent excellent developments for any contracting business.

At a simpler level, people often search for contact information on social media platforms. If you want to give your audience as many ways to get in touch with you as possible, you can’t ignore social.


Professional Social Media Help for Contractors

Overall, your social media presence makes it easier for customers to find you and vet your work. They can see if they like it or not, and they can read what happy customers have to say. You can also showcase your good reviews and glowing accolades from others in the industry. This makes it more likely prospects will feel like they know, like, and trust you enough to move forward toward a buying decision. Again, you can’t afford to miss this increased online presence. It’s critical you establish a bona fide, trustworthy social existence today.

Of course, many contractors simply don’t have time to do this. Between designing, building, crafting bids and communicating with clients, it may seem impossible to get the job done. Even if you do manage to put up a profile on one or two feeds, keeping up with those alone can often be too much to manage. We have seen many contractors get overwhelmed and drop the whole enterprise. Your social media marketing efforts don’t have to end that way, of course. There’s too much at stake to ignore these opportunities.

Ready to fill your calendar with lucrative projects? Investing in professional marketing services that specialize in social media for contractors may be a smart option for you. At Quantum Point Strategies, we are members of the BRMA (Builders and Remodelers Marketing Association) and are ready to draw your products and services into the limelight. If you have questions about how you can maximize your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today.