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How Instagram Can Improve Your Small Business Marketing

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In the world of small business marketing, the company that is the most well-rounded is the one that’s most successful.

Because of this, it’s important for small businesses to explore every marketing opportunity available to them and decide which ones are a good fit for the company’s goals, products, and customers.

As it stands now, though, most small businesses overlook one important small business marketing asset: Instagram.

While many people are familiar with Instagram as a leisure social media platform, few understand how incredibly powerful the service can be for small business marketing of all types.

Why Instagram Works for Small Business Marketing

While many small businesses focus primarily on large social platforms like Facebook and Twitter for marketing, Instagram can be an equally powerful force.

Today, Instagram has roughly 500 million active monthly users across the globe. Approximately 300 million people use Instagram on a daily basis, and the platform sees 95 million videos and photos shared each day.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Instagram has more than enough traffic to help brands get exposure. Instagram’s appeal isn’t limited to its large user base, though – the platform is also one of the best platforms for encouraging engagement. Here’s what we mean:

While marketers who use Facebook and Twitter for marketing see engagement with just fewer than .1% of their followers, brands who use Instagram enjoy regular engagement from a whopping 4% of their total fans.

As if the boosted engagement weren’t enough – Instagram is also a great place for small businesses to stand out. While 93% of companies use Facebook for marketing, only 36% are on Instagram for marketing purposes, making it easy to get your voice heard and help your brand establish a presence on this decidedly un-crowded marketing platform.

How to Use Instagram for Small Business Marketing

While Instagram can be an incredibly useful social platform, it won’t work unless you work it.  With this in mind, here are a few tips to help your small business marketing succeed on Instagram:

  1. Integrate Instagram with your other social profiles

Social media works best as a net rather than a series of isolated islands. By linking your Instagram accounts to your other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, you boost your followers while also enhancing the reach of your content.

  1. Use Instagram to deliver the value your followers want

Every brand’s optimal Instagram content will differ. While a high-end fashion brand may get the most traction from posting polished, professional-grade snaps of new releases in a clothing line, a lifestyle brand (like Tim Ferriss) enjoys thousands of likes by posting simple, off-the-phone shots of his daily happenings. Take the photo below, for example:

Tim Ferriss Screenshot

Part of using Instagram successfully is learning what your followers want and what will provide a level of cohesion and value for your brand. Once you’ve decided on this content, using Instagram to push it out to your followers will be easier and more productive than ever before.

  1. Respond to your followers

As you begin posting Instagram content, your followers will start interacting with it. When this happens, it’s important to encourage the engagement by responding to it directly. Make it a point to check in for new comments or mentions on your Instagram account a few times a day.

This simple trick can go a long way toward creating a more functional Instagram presence and keeping you on the forefront of your customer’s minds. Plus, since you’re a small business owner, this step will also communicate to consumers that you’re engaged and interested in what they have to say.

  1. Use Instagram to display your brand personality

What makes your company unique? Do you offer quirky products, outstanding staff, or a laser-sharp focus on consumer satisfaction?

Consider using Instagram to offer behind-the-scenes snaps of product production, employee life, or even customers interacting with your products.

These intimate, honest photos are ideal for building brand recognition and encouraging your customers to regard you as a unique and standalone company with whom they should do business.

  1. Post to the platform consistently

Instagram only works if you do, and a stagnant profile won’t get many likes or shares. With this in mind, post to Instagram on a regular basis (At least a few times a week). Don’t be afraid to post photos that aren’t flawless or professional quality.

Instead, shoot to provide content that helps your customers understand your brand, bond with your team, and engage with your offerings. This will get you further than professional photography any day.

Instagram: Your Small Business Marketing Secret Weapon

While many things go into effective small business marketing, Instagram is a useful tool that can make your brand more approachable and memorable for your customers.

To learn more about effective small business marketing, or to develop your custom plan today, contact the team at Quantum Point Strategies now!