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Is Marketing for Contractors Different Than Marketing for Other Industries?

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Here’s what you need to know about marketing for contractors.

Contractors work within an industry that is unique in the depth and breadth of expertise required of them. Few professionals have an obligation to wear as many hats in a day as you do. That’s why marketing for contractors is so different than marketing for other industries. Are you thinking about improving the marketing for your contracting business and wondering how to balance it with all the other responsibilities on your plate? Setting priorities is always a good start.  Once you have a good marketing strategy in place………..

It All Starts with Your Website

Online marketing is the standard today, and your whole online marketing program should point back to your website. If you don’t have a site, or if yours is ten years old, then you know exactly where you need to start. Your website is the backbone of any good online marketing strategy and needs to be optimized for mobile devices, responsive, user-friendly and attractive.

What is it that makes your contracting business unique?  That is the first question to ask yourself before you spend a single dollar on a new website. Your entire website should be built around your unique selling proposition and then optimized to attract your ideal customer. A contractor’s website should highlight what makes you unique and all the best qualities of your business.

Your specializations will affect your written content and your keywords. If you specialize in remodels, feature 360-degree virtual tours of some of your finest transformations on your site. If you prefer commercial properties, feature optimized images of your most impressive projects.  Promote yourself by telling a story about each of those projects.

Are Your Keywords Targeted?

Keyword research will form your website content, blog content, social media content, and other important SEO (search engine optimization) assets. Those keywords (the terms people use when they search) are what will draw potential customers to your website as they search online for the information they need. Knowing which search terms people might use to find you is vital to your online marketing success.

Figuring out the best keywords for contractors can be tough for a few reasons. First, you perform a wide range of jobs for people. It can be hard to describe what you do in just a word or two. The best approach is again, to focus on your specialties and test search terms that target those services.

The second problem is that lots of people who need a contractor don’t realize it. They just know they want their kitchen redone, so they look up a construction company in their neighborhood. It doesn’t occur to many folks that hiring a contractor means that the carpentry, tile, flooring, electrical, and plumbing can all be handled through one expert point person. Your keywords have to be broad enough to reach those confused customers, too.

What If You’d Rather Not Tackle These Projects Yourself?

Building a website, keyword research, creating content – it sounds like a lot of work because it is! The good news is that you don’t have to do it all on your own. In fact, unless they have an in-house marketing department, many contractors outsource these tasks rather than trying to learn and stay on top of these tasks.

If you decide to hire a marketing professional, it’s important to hire well to get the best return on your investment. While many marketing strategies and tactics work across industries, you’ll get the best results faster by working with a marketing firm that focuses on serving building contractors.

By choosing a marketing firm that specializes in marketing for contractors, you’ll spend less time educating them about your industry and have more time to focus on your specific needs. It’s a lot like subcontracting to a master craftsman rather than a handyman who might be learning on the fly.