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How Hard Is It to Learn Social Media for the Construction Industry?

Social Media for the Construction Industry

Are you interested in learning social media for the construction industry but don’t know where to start?  Know it’s a good way to promote your construction company but worried that you don’t have the time to incorporate it into your schedule? You are not alone. Businesses of all sizes and industries face the same problem.

So how can you learn and implement effective social media techniques? Trial and error can be time-consuming and in a lot of cases, do more harm than good. That type of a learning curve can also be costly since it takes time away from the income-producing aspects of your business in which you excel.  To help you out, here are a few tips that our social media marketing experts put together to get your construction company’s name in front of your top prospects.

Figure Out Which Platforms Your Target Audience Uses Most Often

Your mom was right – it’s never a good idea to bite off more than you can chew. Therefore, no entrepreneur should try to market their business on every single social media platform. You should pick one or two to start with, but choose them carefully to make the most impact. What social media platforms do your ideal customers interact on the most? Do the front-end research to make sure you start marketing on the platforms that will best help you reach your target audience.

Be Honest and Authentic

There are lots of free ways to leverage social media for the construction industry.  All of which will benefit your company. In fact, those free posts and events are the most important steps you can take in connecting with your customer base on social media. Keep them updated on what’s happening with your business. Offer them helpful and pertinent information and advice. Set up events they can attend to see your company up close and personal. You can do all of that for free on various social media platforms.

Be Realistic with Your Budget

Let’s face it: few entrepreneurs have unlimited funds to invest in their business. It can feel impossible to decide which part of your company deserves to receive your extra dollars. But targeted ads on the right social media platform is one of the smartest investments you can make.  Always, always have a solid marketing plan in place before you spend any money advertising anywhere!

Be honest and realistic with yourself about your marketing budget. Once you have created a sound marketing plan, commit to it for at least three months. That’s the absolute minimum time you should give to any new marketing plan. It affords you enough time to measure some results against your baseline and see where your efforts are best paying off. Then you can make some minor adjustments to maximize your results for the next quarter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Changes

Speaking of making adjustments, you should never be afraid to change your tactics to ensure success. Even the best-laid plan will need some tweaks. If you have decided to implement a new ad campaign, and it isn’t performing, try replacing the image or changing up the text. Lots of programs offer A/B testing so you can run two different ads simultaneously and see which one performs better. This can be an easy way to narrow down your marketing efforts and is essential to maximize your investment.

Ask a Professional for Guidance

As a construction industry professional, you know that sometimes you just need an expert to help you through the process. Marketing is no exception! If you could use a helping hand learning social media for the construction industry from a social media marketing expert, give us a call at 651-261-1925 or email vicki@quantumpointstrategies.com . We specialize in helping construction companies like yours maximize their social media marketing efforts.